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At CEDEM, we are motivated by a taste for challenge and driven by a culture of results that proves its flexibility and adaptability. We are committed to

  • Continuous improvement of our services and dedication to our client
  • Team Building : Management of men and women, personal growth of our employee, because at CEDEM, success mean everyone's improvement.
  • Green mind, reducing our impact on the environment.


We have been improving ourselves continuously since our creation to become one the leading transportation and forwarding company in West Africa. Our company process also value continuous update and upgrade to keep high performance in our daily trades. All our team (contributor, managers and support services) are the main source of our performance and we believe in :

  • Quality

Quality: By quality we mean services that meets expectations of our customers and delivered on time, cost control, functional working environment, respect of standards and procedures

  • Management

Management is daily training and team building; We want people to progress towards autonomy and pro-activity; it's a set of tools for detecting and solving problems.

  • Experience

Thanks to privileged and lasting contacts with partners and companies, CEDEM is able to offer and provide its customers with global services in most countries in West Africa.



We are concerned about the impact of our businesses on the environment and make every effort to reduce them by involving all stakeholders.

The Company : We measure our emissions of greenhouse gases and pollutants and identify levers of action. We invest in sustainable projects in Senegal (reforestation, improved living conditions and access to education).

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To know more about services costs, please send us a detailed request. Our team will provide with support and information that adapt to your specific needs.

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