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Following a decade proven experience, CEDEM is a one of the leader company working on maritime and road transport in the Sub-region. Our service and activity are present in most of the West African countries, and we benefit from a large logistic network to assure you a high quality level service. Available and at your service, our team does everything to meet your requests and expectations as quickly as possible.

Quality of service and performance are an integral part of our business objectives. We integrate these two points into our various transit and logistics services.


We are the combination of personalities who come together to serve CEDEM and its customers. Because it rests first and foremost on the women and men of CEDEM, our success is built on values ​​shared by all.

  • Diversity : Within our teams, we promote diversity and non-discrimination, taking advantage of our differences in terms of origin, age, gender, qualification, etc.
  • Equal opportunities : We are involved in access, to women and men, to all of our businesses and to all levels of the company, without any difference in treatment.
  • Health and safety : c’est une priorité chez CEDEM ; c’est une culture sécurité et une responsabilité collective ; c’est la mesure, l’analyse et l’éradication des causes d’accidentologie ; c’est l’anticipation de toutes situations dangereuses.
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To know more about services costs, please send us a detailed request. Our team will provide with support and information that adapt to your specific needs.

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