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We take care of your goods and shipment, complying with your specifications.

Transport maritime

Shipping allows you to transport all your heavy or bulky goods at reduced costs.
For a shipment in a complete sea container, you have the full capacity of the sea container. In the case of smaller volumes, we also offer tailor-made maritime grouping solutions.

Transport routier

We operate a large fleet of vehicles (trucks, semi-trailers and carriers), swap bodies and nearly 4,000 m² of storage space at the port of Dakar. We are able to provide overland transport for all types of shipping containers (DRY and REEFER). Our GenSet fleet makes us a Reefer specialist.

Exceptional Transport

With many years broad expertise, we assure the custom-made shipment of packages with custom and large dimensions, outsized weight or oversized volumes. We offer three type of support:

  • Handling of oversized packages :

Handling of oversized packages. Dedicated staff and material for the handling of heavy lifts.

  • Levage :

Lifting services. Cranes and adapted vehicles with auxiliary crane armes (a multi-faceted tool to ensure transport and lifting).

  • Exceptional convoy transport :

(Agricultural equipment, construction and industrial equipment, oversized packages).

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Contrats d’externalisation

Do you want to focus on your core business and outsource all logistical assets to a professional company ? CEDEM ease your mind. Entrust us with your transport, we guarantee you Advice and Assistance, an affordable and personalized price, a support service at your service.


To know more about services costs, please send us a detailed request. Our team will provide with support and information that adapt to your specific needs.

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